In Case You Missed It: Ezra Klein & the Politics of the 2016 Election

Image courtesy of  Will Kirk for the Hub

Image courtesy of Will Kirk for the Hub

This past week political pundit Ezra Klein joined us to discuss everything that's happening with the 2016 presidential elections. Klein's perspective infused his trademark wit and humor with an engaging and easily comprehensible breakdown of very complicated matters. His talk was full of little gems and if you weren't able to make it, don't worry we live-tweeted the evening and collected his best quotes below.

The Power of Money in Politics

Fundraising has not driven this election. We oftentimes overrate the role of fundraising. Earned and free media and social networks might be driving down the utility of traditional advertisement.

Political Parties & Polarization

When you think about how parties work, the fundamental power they have is the power to persuade and influence.
Party polarization is the two parties sorting out ideology. Once the two parties begin pulling further apart, politics gets angrier and more heated because the stakes are higher. This isn’t about people not being jerks, it’s about a structure becoming more split.
We have a political system built on compromise, and it’s not working well in this time of polarization. I think about making politics work despite polarization.

Is the GOP Establishment Losing Control?

Saying, ‘Trust this guy,’ has become a profound anti-endorsement.

The Democratic Primary

Both [Democratic] candidates are running over each other trying to show they have a better feel for progressivism.

Bernie Sanders and "Socialism"

‘Socialist’ is a winning affiliation in American politics.
What Sanders has shown is that the polarity of what is acceptable and what is not has been reversed.
I think Sanders has used the ‘democratic socialist’ label to distinguish himself from the Democratic Party. A Sanders presidency looks like a conventional Democratic presidency. He’s a liberal.
Sanders would be effective on maximizing his regulatory policy against Wall Street.

Donald Trump

The most dangerous thing about Trump is that I don’t know any politicians who operates without a sense of shame.
Trump making policy’s like a dog making pancakes. You’re more surprised a dog’s making pancakes than that the pancakes are dry
Why we are talking about Trump’s penis is a question we’ll be asking for ages.

What does a Donald Trump presidency look like?

What does a nuclear winter look like?

Why does Everyone hate Ted Cruz?

Cruz has a reputation for putting himself before the party and employing strategies that hurt the conservative cause.
As much as Republicans hate Clinton ideologically, they hate Cruz personally.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton can now say, ‘Elect me and I’ll select a Supreme Court justice.’

The Future of the 2016 Presidential Election

The primary is funny and weird but you can imagine how a history book of this period doesn’t read funny.
I think this is going to be a bitter, scorched earth war of an election.