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Study Abroad Spotlight: Jack Laylin

Jack in Amsterdam

Jack in Amsterdam

What Is Your Name?  Jack Laylin

What Year Are You? 2017

Your Major?  International Studies and Political Science

What was your position in FAS? Marketing Director for the 2014-2015 year and Executive Director for the 2015-2016 year.

Where are you studying? King’s College London, United Kingdom

Why did you chose to study there? To spend some time in a different political system, learn about it from the inside, and explore the UK from top to bottom.

Did FAS help you decide where you wanted to study abroad? In a big way, because I deferred my abroad experience to senior fall to ensure I would be able to be Executive Director of FAS during my junior year. Also, FAS’ staff diversity allowed me to weigh the hometown experiences of international students, as well the the abroad experiences of older students, to understand on what I wanted from my study abroad experience. There’s a great culture of expanding your horizons in FAS, so I was definitely encouraged to take at least one semester off. 

What Has Been Your Favorite Part/Experience of studying abroad?  Being in London for class at 11AM, and in Paris for dinner at 3PM. That’s pretty incredible. Europe has a way of making the world feel very small and very big at the same time. Cultural destinations are so concentrated here, yet the people come from all corners of the earth. As I’m writing this, I hear Mandarin, Spanish, Welsh, and Arabic--plus a couple languages I cannot identify. And tea time is pretty fabulous.

Are there any things that you miss (or don’t miss) about Hopkins?  Call me crazy, but the UK university system makes Hopkins look so administratively advanced. Registering for classes electronically, for instance, is unheard of here. I also miss the campus culture and running into my friends between classes. Most of all, I miss Carma’s cookies.