Senate report: FAS '12 Speaker John Ashcroft and FAS '14 Speaker Michael Hayden involved in "torture" of detainees

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According to the report on "enhanced interrogation techniques" released by the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, Legal Counsel to the Justice Department Jack Goldsmith informed the CIA that their methods were likely illegal in May 2004.

One month later, in preparation for the capture of a man named Janat Gul, then-National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice informed the Justice Department that a memo needed to be created in order to justify the legality of the methods once again.

It was then-Attorney General (and FAS '12 Speaker) John Ashcroft who wrote this memo. 

According to the New York Times:

"Mr. Ashcroft sent a one-paragraph memo to the agency stating that it would be lawful to use those techniques on Mr. Gul. This memo, the report said, simply stated that conclusion and contained no legal analysis to support its claim."

Another FAS Speaker (2014), then-Director of the CIA Michael Hayden, was also cited in the report. Over 40 pages of the document were dedicated to his "inaccurate testimony" before the Committee in 2007.

Read the entire 525-page declassified report.