Press coverage of Gloria Steinem (FAS '15)

Last week, civil rights icon and feminist leader Gloria Steinem spoke to the Foreign Affairs Symposium in what was the most attended event in the Symposium's history. Among the attendees were more than a few members of the press, and you can check out their coverage below:

Johns Hopkins Politik Press ran an editorial on the speech: "Despite discussing the origins of patriarchy and offering words of advice on how to maintain mindfulness despite adversity, Steinem left her audience without a certain path to successful advocacy. Perhaps, as she told us, movements do go in stages and we must make our own way."

City Paper quotes Steinem: "If you want love and joy and music and laughter at the end of the revolution, you have to have love and music and joy and laughter along the way. If you don't want violence and humiliation and taunting at the end of the revolution, you can't use it along the way," she said.